Canary Islands


Canary Islands

Holiday Tips

British Visitors can get medical information from leaflets SA29 and 30, available in UK from the Dept of Health Form E111. These transfer your health care cover to other participating countries and should be obtained from any DHSS or Post Office before travelling.
All visitors should ensure they have proper travel insurance to cover all eventualities.

Vaccine against Typhus or North African diseases are NOT required in the Canary Islands.

Information issued to American travel agents, advising their customers to seek vaccination against typhus and hepatitis A & B before travelling to Tenerife is WRONG. Reports that people could catch cholera, rabies and diphtheria because the Canaries are only 100 kilometres off the coast of Africa are WRONG. The Islands are Spanish and from a health point of view, have the same resources and standards as Western Europe.


Bring travellers cheques and credit cards rather than cash, ensuring your cheques are insured in the case of theft or loss. Cash only what you need for the day and lock away what you're not using in a safety deposit box in your apartment or complex. Banks are the best bet to exchange money (6 days a week 08:30 - 13:30, closed Sundays all year round and Saturdays during the summer months).

Bring your driving license if you have one, even if you don't plan on hiring a car. It's not heavy, doesn't take up space and you may find yourself longing to hire a car when you discover the delights that await inland.

Before you go always email yourself a copy of all the important information - airline numbers, credit card phone numbers, passport and driving licence numbers. That way if your documents and/or wallet is lost or stolen, all you need to do is log on to or an alternative website to access your email account.

Whilst water is hygenically safe for cleaning teeth, washing food etc... it is very high in mineral content which can cause bad stomachs. Buy bottled water from any supermarket for drinks. Usually ice cubes are made from mineral water so it is safe to consume. If you arrive in the evening, some shopping facilites at your destination maybe closed. Consider bringing a small amount of coffe/tea/sugar/milk and a bottle of mineral water for a refreshing drink on your arrival.

Bring plenty to read, don't forget you may be spending a lot of time by the pool or on the beach and your favourite magazines or books are a bit expensive here. Some complexes have a "book exchange" facility so check that at reception or the pool bar.


Pack a small first aid kit with plasters, antiseptic, headache and stomach-ache pills, maybe ear-plugs if you're a light sleeper. Also make sure you have an insurance policy that fully covers you, should you need to visit a private medical centre here, as they can be a bit expensive. Your insurance policy could only cover you for valuables up to £500 or thereabouts. If you're bringing a camcorder, costly accessories or substantial cash, it may be wise to pay a small surcharge to increase the cover.


Bring toiletries from home, they'll probably be cheaper than here. When you get to your apartment or see your rep, find out the emergency medical number that relates to your insurance cover. Keep that number with you at all times. Don't rely on the local emergency health system.

When it's time to go home - Be aware that the European standard for checking out of your accommodation is 12 midday. Check with reception regarding the time and a place for you to use/put luggage until you're ready to leave for the airport. There may be facilities for you to shower and change through the afternoon/evening, but you may have to pay extra for this so ask in advance!

Pack passports and tickets in hand luggage, NOT your suitcase. Check you've emptied your safe and returned any keys. Don't pack immitation weapons (Sioux City) in your hand luggage or they will be confiscated. Pack such mementos or sharp implements in your suitcase to avoid problems at customs.

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