Canary Islands


Canary Islands


Useful Numbers:-
34 - Telephone Area Code
922 - International Country code
112 - Emergency
092 - Municipal Police
091 - National Police
062 - Guardia Civil
061 - Ambulance
080 - Fire Brigade

Mobile Phone Information:-
Normal advice is to set up international roaming before you leave. This allows you to use your UK mobile phone abroad to make and receive calls and messages. You need this service activated on your account so that your mobile works abroad. A week in advance of your departure date, you should contact your UK mobile network provider to ensure your mobile phone is 'enabled' for travel abroad.  However Vodaphone PAYG does not appear to need this, and it automatically searches for the local network - Airetel in the case of Spain, likewise for Orange PAYG.


When you use your mobile abroad, you will be using a foreign mobile network. As a result, when receiving an incoming call from the UK, you'll be charged the international leg of the call and may have to pay extra to listen to voicemail and send text messages Of course, people phoning you will just need to dial your usual number. Text messaging can often be the cheapest way to stay in touch. Remember to bring an adaptor plug for your recharger!

Remember you need to dial +44 (for the U.K.) instead of the 0 at the start of UK numbers (i.e., 01334-7621.. would be +44133476...) (Not needed for 02 PAYG.) This can mean that you can't directly use numbers stored in your mobile phone book as normal.  If people are phoning you, however, they just dial your usual number. If you want to phone someone in Spain, you would have to start with +34 then dial the Spanish number (there is no 0 to omit in Spain).